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Our Story

Like so many great things, Body Gourmet was born out of necessity. After watching her daughter suffer with severe eczema our founder, Cynthia Neal, set out to find remedies to ease her daughter’s condition.

Through tireless research and getting hands-on in the kitchen, eventually Cynthia honed in just the right blend of shea butter infused with essential oils that found success in providing relief for her daughter.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Cynthia continued to hone her craft and expand her knowledge of treating the hair and skin as a whole.  Her mission was now to feed the largest organ of the body, the skin, with superior nourishment.  She likened her approach to that of a gourmet chef, sourcing the highest quality certified organic shea butter from Northern Ghana, as well as establishing relationships with producers of the finest olive oils, coconut oils, jojoba oils, and almond oils.  

Combined with an amazing collection of artfully blended fragrances, you’ll come to find that Body Gourmet body washes, shea soufflés, and glycerin soaps is the food your body has been longing for.